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How To Photograph Horse Shows

How to Photograph a Horse Show. . .

Wear neutral colored clothing as some horses may shy from bright colors. Keep in your mind that will vary throughout the day. Consult the course diagram normally posted near the ring to look for the path the horse and rider will be taking.

To get professional looking photos of riders and horses in a horse show there are several basic techniques. Any camera can be used, but a DSL camera using a fast lens will ensure it is easier. You want to have the sun shining about the rider's and horse's face.

1 Do not work with a flash, unless i hear you ask permission, then put it to use sparingly. Unless you have an elaborate lighting system for indoor arenas, it is best to utilize whatever light is available and avoid the camera's flash. Here are several tips that might help you receive better results irrespective of the photography equipment you use.

A flattering photograph of your horse walking, trotting, or cantering, can have the horse's front legs extended or reaching forward. Ideally, you can capture as soon as when the horse is in mid-air and the rider's eyes are turned toward the next jump and your camera. The flash can frighten a horse and cause it to Fotograf Gliwice bolt which, in turn, could result in the fall and injury for the rider.

1 Keep a rubber bulb for blowing air to wash your lenses. There is likely to be a great deal of dust and often clumps of dirt kicked your way. There will probably be a large amount of dust and frequently clumps of dirt kicked your way. Do not make use of a cleaning cloth as rubbing the dust and dirt can scratch your lenses.

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